livingTheWritersLifeKateFrankThirteen years ago, Kate Frank discovered copywriting … and the rest is part glowing history, part successes yet-to-be. She knew the Barefoot Writing lifestyle was for her and she’s made it her own, with plans to grow and expand into speaking and workshops. Enjoy her sunny perspective on the writer’s life and the passion she feels in her role as communicator. 

Tell us how your love of writing led to copywriting. 

It was about 2002. My favorite emailed newsletter, Early to Rise, offered a new type of training. I knew I had a natural talent for writing and would eventually leave the real estate industry. So I ordered The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. The promised program arrived in a large box with a 2-inch binder inside and lots of additional materials. As I began digesting the material, I was dumbfounded by the encouragement to “copy” others. I have been in love with copywriting ever since. 

What’s your favorite type of copy to write? 

I love to write copy for small to mid-size businesses. Whether it is web content or regular articles, I enjoy “getting inside the head” of my clients. From there, I can speak their voice to their customer base. Today’s buyer is rarely ready to purchase when they view a website, or download a list-building document. My job is to keep them engaged and informed until they develop trust and eventually choose my client as the solution to their need. My real expertise is in content marketing. 

What self-marketing approaches do you use? 

Because I am keenly aware of the role in educational, informative, relevant content — I share informational articles and web pages with my social media circle. About one-third of the content I share is my own. Sharing expertise from others helps to establish trust. It also associates me with some of the greatest writers. It’s good for “mind share.” 

Besides writing, what inspires you? 

I surround myself with contemporary art. From a classic Georgia O’Keefe landscape print to a lesser-known print of a naked woman climbing a peach, I love having these representations of creativity in my environment. 

Who has been the biggest influence on your life? What lessons did that person teach you? 

When it comes to an influence in my life, it seems the right person shows up at the right time. Early in my writing career, I hung on every word of Early to Rise newsletters and they had a great influence. Now I have a client, Karen McCullough, who is a well-respected public speaker. She not only encourages me about what I bring to her success … she also mentors me in developing my own story to begin public speaking. 

Any must-reads you recommend for other writers? 

I believe other writers should learn from business people in addition to content from other writers. Learning only from colleagues can become an endless pursuit of writing according to someone more accomplished as a writer. While the process is good, it is also crippling. 

I keep my copy of Words that Sell, by Richard Bayan close to my desk to expand my vocabulary. We all get stuck for the right word from time to time. 

The best book I have read recently is Thirteeners. In it, Dan Prosser brings real insight into how the Top 13% in business succeed in reaching their goals. 

What words of wisdom can you pass along to other writers? 

Don’t get hung up on how clever you are in your writing. Cleverness will get you awards but little more. Instead, focus on getting your clients more profits. In the long-run, writer success comes from profits for our clients.