Q:  How do I write a resume to writing clients offering my services when I have no experience?

Rebecca MatterA: (Rebecca Matter) Clients who hire writers don’t expect a resume in the traditional way. Instead, they like to get a sense of who you are, what your background is, and of course, your writing ability. 

The two best ways to do this are through a LinkedIn profile and through your own professional writer’s website. Start with the LinkedIn profile since it’s free and easy to set up.

Even if you don’t have writing samples or experience to share, clients gain a lot of insight into how you write based on how you present yourself through your profile. Describe your past work experience and/or education in a conversational, polished manner. 

The same is true for your website. Every page on your website is a writing sample of its own, so make sure it takes the tone your ideal client would want to see.

Present yourself as a professional and focus on what you can do for your clients, not on what they can do for you. In other words, don’t talk about your dream of being a writer and making lots of money… talk about how you can help them attract more prospects or convert more buyers.

As you gain experience and your portfolio grows, you can add writing samples to your LinkedIn profile and your website. But don’t think this is a step you have to take. Plenty of highly-paid copywriters I know don’t have samples on their profiles and sites. Their writing stands on its own as a way to showcase their ability.

Meaning, even if you’re just starting out and have no samples, you can present your writing in a polished, professional way, which works to your advantage in lieu of a resume.