Would You Like to Get a Published Magazine Article Under Your Name?

Barefoot Writer Magazine is committed to helping you learn to make money, work from home, and land freelance writing jobs to achieve your dream writer’s life.

Here’s just some of what we’re committed to: 

  • We show writers the writing opportunities that are hot right now
  • We connect writers to experts in the world of writing
  • We help writers pursue paid writing in a way that suits their goals

The quickest way to get there is to join our Barefoot Writer Club — a club designed to support up-and-coming writers. Our writers get priceless community support, tips on how to grow a profitable writing business, and short-cuts into making money working from home. 

Club Members also get a subscription to our celebrated monthly magazine, Barefoot Writer.

We publish regular content in Barefoot Writer Magazine, as well as here on our website. Please review the guidelines below to find out what we’re looking for.

Note: We receive dozens of pitches every week and cannot respond to all of them. If you haven’t heard from us two weeks after submitting your pitch, please feel free to submit that idea to another publication.

Most Important: Know and Understand Our Audience

Our readership includes men and women of all ages, from all over the world, who want to earn money from their writing. They may be just starting their working life, transitioning to a new career, or retired and looking for a fun way to supplement their income.

Many of our writers earn a full-time income through their writing. Others write part-time either for fun or profit, and still others are in the process of transitioning their way out of a day job to a career in writing that allows for more freedom.

They want to learn about the world of writing, including how to pick a writing opportunity that’s ideal for them, improve their writing, build a strong freelance business, connect with clients or write for their own businesses, and get more work done in less time — all so they can enjoy life.

The Barefoot Writer Magazine Editorial Lineup Includes:

Monthly Motivator (600-800 words) is a department filled with articles that should inspire our readers to keep writing and pursue their goals. These articles often provide enthusiastic examples of how to make money, work from home, and enjoy it.

Productivity Secrets (400-600 words) help our readers get more done in less time, so they can increase their income and have more leisure time to enjoy the writer’s life.

Cool Tools (400-600 words) are short articles about useful software, hardware, and other gadgets that will help readers like you to write, work, and land more freelance writing jobs so you can build toward long-term writing success.

Thinking Like a Writer (700-900 words) teaches our readers how to start or grow their writing or freelance careers. These articles include topics like selecting the right niche, leveraging your network, creative ways to market your writing services, and tips on how to make money as a freelance writer.

Become a Better Writer (700-900 words) is about improving our readers’ writing skills. This department covers a wide range of topics, including mental exercises, writing exercises, and useful skills for professionals in the communication industry.

Glicken (600-800 words) is a personal essay with photos on how your writing helped you get a little something extra out of life. Whether you used your skills to land a travel upgrade, resolve a problem, help a friend or charity, or something else, we’d love to hear about it!

Pay and Rights if You Get a Published Magazine Article

We pay $100 to $300 for published articles with the fee depending on the assignment. Once published, we own all rights to the article.

Important! Before you get in touch…

Get to know our style. If you’re a Barefoot Writer Club Member, read through several back issues to get a feel for our voice. Go through the content on our website before sending an article or pitching an idea.

When you are familiar with our style, you can send article ideas to our editor at: queries@thebarefootwriter.com. All editorial requests will be reviewed and considered when we plan our issues.

As noted above, not all requests can be answered personally due to the high volume of inquiries we receive. But you’ll improve your chances if you take our editor’s advice…

A Few Tips from our Editor

Barefoot Writer offers actionable information for writers and freelancers. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself the following questions about any freelance writing articles you’d like us to consider:

  • Does it offer new or unique tips on writing?
  • Will it help other writers build their businesses?
  • Can it provide assistance as somebody builds a freelance lifestyle?

Here are some additional ways to strengthen your article so it’s more likely to get published:

  • Make recommendations in your article. We want your opinion. Tell our readers how to get more done, share a unique way to find clients, impart a motivational tip, and reveal how to improve your writing.
  • Be unique. Our readers know how to Google, too. Don’t just pitch the same information that’s available on the internet. Original tips and advice based on your personal experience will give your article an edge and move it to the top of the pile.
  • The best writing is conversational and easy to read. It may look easy, but it’s actually the hardest to write. After you finish, go through your writing with fresh eyes, and don’t be afraid to edit. Read it out loud so you can hear how it sounds. This will help you find any places your copy doesn’t flow naturally.
  • Always proofread your article before submitting. It’s often easier for your eyes to see mistakes on paper, so print out your article and mark it up with a red pen. Even better – proofread it the next day. You’ll be amazed at what you find if you set it aside overnight before proofing.
  • Unless requested otherwise, always submit your article in Word format. Include your name and contact information in the document, and your name and article name in the name of the file. Any images you include with your article should be sent as separate files, and must be free from copyright infringement.
  • Follow all published guidelines and instructions from the editor. This includes article length, style, and submission advice. The guidelines are there for a reason, so follow them.

Finally, never send your article in the body of an email, expecting the editor to copy and paste it into Word. Really… never.