Meet the Writers

Meet the Barefoot Writers with Successful Careers in Writing

Here at Barefoot Writer, we’re often asked for examples of real, successful working writers who built up careers with legitimate writing jobs they enjoy.

We’re privileged to know and work with hundreds of writers who make a great living doing various writing jobs. Freelance writing is a diverse field that lets you follow your passions and carve out a writing schedule that works for your life, no matter what you want that to look like.

So below, we’ve included a selection of some of our top writers. Barefoot Writers to the core, they’re all pursuing careers in writing of their own making, but still connect with and rely on our Barefoot Writer Club for support. All have received training from or completed programs by our publisher, American Writers & Artists, Inc.

Charlotte Hicks Crockett
Charlotte Hicks Crockett, Copywriter and marketing strategist for insurance and information marketing industries.
See Charlotte’s LinkedIn Profile
Chris Allsop
Chris Allsop, Copywriter and strategist specializing in copy for financial and business opportunity information marketers.
See Chris’s LinkedIn Profile
Christina Gillick
Christina Gillick, Copywriter specializing in personal development training companies.
See Christina’s LinkedIn profile
Cindy Cyr
Cindy Cyr, Marketing strategist who specializes in direct email marketing and online copywriting.
See Cindy’s LinkedIn Profile
Ed Gandia
Ed Gandia, Business building coach and strategist for freelance professionals. 
See Ed’s LinkedIn profile
Guillermo Rubio
Guillermo Rubio, Copywriter who specializes in helping businesses achieve better results from their marketing efforts.
See Guillermo’s LinkedIn profile
Heather Robson
Heather Robson, Copywriter and Managing Editor of Wealthy Web Writer.
See Heather’s LinkedIn profile
Janice Sakata Schultze
Janice Sakata-Schultze, Copywriter for the travel industry.
See Janice’s LinkedIn profile
Jen Adams
Jen Adams, Copywriter who specializes in articles and books for US and international markets.
See Jen’s LinkedIn Profile
Li Vasquez-Noone
Li Vasquez-Noone, Copywriter specializing in B2B and information marketing. 
See Li’s LinkedIn profile
Mindy McHorse
Mindy McHorse, Copywriter and Executive Editor of Barefoot Writer Magazine.
See Mindy’s LinkedIn profile
And here’s a video where Mindy explains how she got started as a copywriter
Pam Foster
Pam Foster, Copywriter who specializes in helping pet businesses and veterinary companies thrive through clever content marketing.
Websites: and
See Pam’s LinkedIn Profile
Pat McCord
Pat McCord, Copywriter who specializes in advertising copy and books, both fiction, non-fiction and a growing list of eBooks. 
See Pat’s LinkedIn profile
Sean mcCool
Sean McCool, Direct response freelance copywriter, author, marketing consultant.
See Sean’s LinkedIn Profile
Rae Robinson
Rae Robinson, Copywriter specializing in the natural health and supplements niche.
See Rae’s LinkedIn profile
And here’s a video where Rae shares her life in copywriting
Steve Coombes
Steve Coombes, Copywriter specializing in natural health and preparedness copy. 
See Steve’s LinkedIn profile
Roy Furr
Roy Furr, Direct response marketing consultant and copywriter with controls for top marketers.
Websites: and
See Roy’s LinkedIn Profile
And here’s a video where Roy explains how he got started as a copywriter 

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