Q: I keep reading about how important it is to outsource. But being relatively new to the world of Barefoot Writing, I’m not sure what situations would require that. Can you give me some suggestions?

Katie YeakleA:  (Katie Yeakle) There are two types of outsourcing that can benefit freelance writers: internal and external. “Internal outsourcing” happens within your writing business. Consider any tasks required on a regular basis that you don’t enjoy, don’t have time for, or don’t have the knowledge for. This could include accounting, invoicing clients, coding your website, designing graphics related to your writing business, making phone calls, getting calls transcribed, and so forth. Anything that takes you away from writing can — and often should — be outsourced, given that writing is what earns you the most money for your time.

The same is true for tasks related to daily living. Many freelance writers I know outsource tasks like housecleaning, yard grooming, pest control, and small maintenance projects. For freelance writers, and copywriters in particular, it doesn’t take long to get to where you can earn more in an hour than you have to pay for help around the house. So if it frees up more time for you to write and build your income, by all means — outsource it!