Next to the computer, cloud storage is one of the greatest tools out there for Barefoot Writers. (If you’re not familiar with it, cloud storage is a system of online data storage typically owned and managed by a hosting company.)

Cloud-based online file storage areas let you store and share electronic files and are a convenient way to back up important documents. With the cloud, you can access computer files anywhere, from a computer to a smartphone to a tablet.

Some of the more common options available include Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon Cloud, Evernote, and several others. Many of these offer minimal storage for free, and extensive storage for a fee. So here’s a budget-saving tip: If you’re looking to save a little, try taking advantage of various free services at once to amass a large amount of cloud storage for little or no cost.

There’s a downside to using several services, however. Having files in many places makes it hard to keep track of and manage the whereabouts of all of your files.

But now, there’s a solution: Otixo ( is an app that allows you to link your storage services and access them all from a single page.

Just link your Evernote, Dropbox, and other accounts, and you’ll be able to see all your files at once. With just a single login, you can access all your files from a browser window or smartphone. You can also use Otixo to drag and drop files from one cloud service to another.

Take advantage of this and you’ll spend less time hunting for files, which gives you more time to write!

The free version of Otixo lets you transfer an unlimited number of files, but limits the size of file you can move. Two different levels of paid accounts offer additional features, such as larger file sizes, additional encryption, collaboration spaces, and better support.

Otixo is fairly new, and we haven’t used it much yet. But we tried out the browser and smartphone app, and so far, we’re impressed. This could be just the thing to quickly and easily access all your writing projects and files across the cloud.