3 Gifts for Writers, No Matter What Their Style


Not sure what to get for the writer on your gift list? We’ve put together 3 gifts for writers, no matter what their style! Writers come in all shapes and sizes … and styles. Whether they’re tech-lovers or classicists, coffeehouse bunnies or constantly on the go, you’re sure to find a gift they’ll love on this list.

3 Gifts for the Classic Writer

Classic writers are all about simplicity, smooth ink, and the smell of dusty, leather-bound books. These gifts will help them get in the mood for a productive writing session.

Fountain Pen
Classic writers love bold, wet ink streaming from fine writing instruments. An updated — but still classy — fountain pen from Parker will be the centerpiece on their desk for years to come. (They’ll probably write your thank you note with it!) ParkerPen.com

Classic Notebook
Moleskine notebooks are nothing but small bound notebooks with an elastic band and a ribbon bookmark. But they stand out for their quality and design. For whatever reason, when a writer cracks one open … it just feels right. Maybe it’s because moleskines are the descendants of the notebooks writers like Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin used to pen their classics. Moleskine.com

Simple eReader
Classic writers aren’t technophobes — they just like simple, non-distracting items, like the Barnes & Noble NOOK Simple Touch. It’s just an e-reader. No Internet surfing, no apps … just books. The screen looks and feels like paper with real ink. Plus, it’s super lightweight and has two whole weeks of battery power. BN.com/nook

Gifts for the Techie Writer

Techie writers love the gizmos and gadgets that help them stay organized and productive, like these great gifts:

Smart Pen
Techies are all about integration. With the LiveScribe Smart 3 Pen, they’ll be able to turn handwritten text into documents on their tablet or phone. They’ll never lose an important note again — and will save tons of time when they no longer have to type handwritten text. Livescribe.com

Scrivener, a Smarter Word Processor
Sometimes writers need more from their word processor than fonts and grammar checks. Scrivener is a complete writing studio that allows writers to edit multiple documents, visually organize ideas and outlines, and seamlessly create texts from multiple angles. Literatureandlatte.com/scrivener.php

Verbal Software
Why type when you can talk? And why use a mouse when you can talk to your computer directly? Dragon: Naturally Speaking is speech recognition software that turns talk into text and recognizes voice commands to control computer functions. Truly any tech-lover’s dream! Nuance.com/dragon

The Indie

Indie writers are the writers you find scribbling away in coffee shops curled up in overstuffed armchairs discussing literature over lattes. They’ll love these writing gifts that go with their funky style.

Green Keys
The perfect gift for the earth-conscious writer. A keyboard and mouse hand-carved out of bamboo, of course! The 100% biodegradable series is totally unique, sleek, and completely eco-friendly. IzenBamboo.com

Writer’s Flair
Wearable typewriter keys and writing symbols are the perfect way for your indie writer to embrace their writing gear. Even better if it’s handmade and one of a kind! Etsy.com is like Amazon for handmade crafts. You’ll find a variety of unique gifts by searching writer jewelry, including cuff links, bracelets, and necklaces.(Be sure to check out the acrylic ampersand earrings!) Or, do a search for writer gfits. Etsy.com

Indie Notebook
If your indie writer were a notebook, then he or she would definitely be a leather-wrap journal. Swing back by Etsy and search leather wrap journal to find the right style for the writer in your life. Etsy.com

The Travel Writer

Travel writers have special kinds of needs. They don’t always have the luxury of a quiet office with everything tucked neatly inside. These gifts are sure to help them produce high quality work no matter where their writing takes them.

Noise Cancelling Headphones
Whether it’s a chatty plane mate or white noise on the train, being able to block out unwanted sound to create a writing atmosphere is a huge blessing. Bose now offers their Quiet Comfort noise cancelling headphones in over-the-ear and in-ear headphones. Bose.com

Portable Gadget Charger
Now the travel writer can merge her wanderlust with the convenience (and safety) of her gadgets without compromise. The BirkSun Solar Backpack not only carries all of her most important gear in style, but charges it using a unique solar panel while she’s out adventuring. Birksun.com

Not all airports are equipped with WiFi … yet, anyway. Instead of getting stuck in that tiny Brazilian airport without an Internet connection, your travel writer can pop out his MiFi, a wireless hotspot that establishes an Internet connection through cell phone towers. Combine it with the BirkSun Solar Backpack and you’ve got a legitimate travel office! NVTL.com

One Gift Fits All

The number one gift for anyone interested in earning a good income writing is AWAI’s Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. Copywriting is a cornerstone of effective, persuasive marketing. It is a skill that, once learned, lays the foundation for a profitable freelance career. awaionline.com/copywriting/p/


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