Don’t Have a Special “Writing Luck” Charm? Here’s How to Find One


Thinking of using a good luck charm to improve your chances of writing success? Follow these tips to discover what your special “writing luck” charm should be:

  • Look around your house for a small object you connect with a happy memory, such as a trinket or a picture.
  • Ask older relatives or mentors if they have anything they’re willing to give to you to use as a good luck charm.
  • If you have children, consider using something special they made or found for you — like a painted rock or a clay handprint.
  • The next time you have a really great day, reward yourself by buying a small keepsake you can keep on your desk that reminds you of those positive feelings.

Almost anything can (and has been) used as a good luck charm. Buttons, coins, and rocks are common examples — mostly because they’re easily lost, and then frequently found by others. Here are some other common good luck charms:

  • The St. Christopher medal is a charm said to protect travelers (St. Christopher was the patron saint of travelers)
  • The ankh is an ancient Egyptian charm for everlasting life and protection from illness
  • The fish charm, associated with Christianity, is said to attract wealth and abundance
  • Acorns are considered by the English to represent luck, prosperity, youthfulness, and power
  • The horseshoe (when pointing up) is an ancient emblem said to protect from evil
  • The ancient Greeks believed carrying three keys together unlocked the doors to wealth, health, and love
  • Primitive cultures viewed skulls as a symbol of strength that protects and ensures well-being

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    Hi I’m Michele and I’m a Christian Fiction Writer who’s a fun loving writer of teenage and young adult fictional stories that relate to everyday life. My genres are in the variety range of romance, mystery, suspense, fantasy and more. I’ve been writing since I was a kid and I’ve been published through createspace since July of 2012. I love writing it’s for to get away from my own life challenges.

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