Cindy Cyr workingCindy Cyr: AWAI Member Since 2007

Q: What’s your current occupation?

A: Web copywriter

Q: What’s your former occupation?

A: Advertising Sales

“It was then that I realized I could charge more and get better clients.”

Q: Best piece of advice for new Barefoot Writers?

A: The single thing that was most responsible for my success? Getting the courage up to go after a larger client who could afford to pay higher fees. The meeting with that one “dream” client of mine gave me a newfound confidence that has carried me to new heights and continues to drive my career.

To implement this, pick some larger clients you’d like to work for. Keep approaching them until you land one.

For your first contact, use the client-getting technique that is most comfortable to you. This might be networking, looking for a referral, or sending a direct-response letter. Personally, I feel the most comfortable when someone is introducing me, so I use my network to get introductions. That’s what I did to land my “dream” client – turns out a former intern of mine knew someone who worked at the company.

Don’t worry if they say no or don’t answer you. If you keep at it professionally and politely, eventually you will get an appointment. And once you land an appointment, you’ll realize just how much you already know—and be surprised that you often know more than they do about direct response and marketing.

It was then that I realized I could charge more and get better clients.

This helped shift my mindset from thinking I just needed to finish one more course before I was “ready” to realizing I could keep learning while getting clients.

Be relentlessly persistent in continuing to work on your writing, in contacting new clients, and in following up. Don’t give up—it will pay off. And believe in yourself.