5 Lucky Winners will win $500 in our Exclusive NaNoWriMo Challenge


Do you dream of writing a book?

Are you planning to participate in National Novel Writing Month?

Tell us in 500 words or less what it will mean to you to complete the NaNoWriMo Challenge in November and FINALLY write the book you’ve always dreamed of writing.

If you’re one of our TOP FIVE ESSAY winners, we’ll PAY you $500 to write your book — AND we’ll donate $500 on your behalf to the NaNoWriMo Organization!

That’s a total of $5,000 contributed by Barefoot Writer Magazine in celebration of NaNoWriMo and all it stands for!

Send your entries to Contest@TheBarefootWriter.com by midnight ET on October 18th. The Barefoot Writer team will award the five winning entries $500 each, plus make the donations to the NaNoWriMo Organization.

Please submit entries as a Microsoft Word attachment and limit your essay to 500 words or less.



  1. I been writing poems for over a year in allpoetry and i love writing.
    Now i feel as i write of things of my life that in my memory like a child asking her grandfather about Jesus as she loves being told about her delight of her heart.
    Even this is about true love for God with all her heart mind and soul.
    I know this is true to her and a happiness that brings her to being yell at and oh her joy and delight in Jesus.
    How she wanted write about her journey in life.
    From her hardships lures hurt vain but difficulties in reaching her dream do to others that helpped not to successful as they stressed her out to hurt the mind.
    Dramas and oh words of harm . physical harm and she longed for freedom .
    Dening her self. Being in poverty to where she couldn’t have income to be the writer she wished to be very little support to doing so.
    It is still my dream.
    I am still in poverty tring to do this.

    • Li Vasquez-Noone on

      Hi Vickie,

      Thanks for getting in touch!

      You’re right, it’s very difficult to make money writing poetry. Many people who write poetry or fiction have a job or another means of support.

      A perfect side job is to write for clients (freelance writing) part time. This way, you make money to pay the bills, you get to work at something you love, and you still have time to write the poetry you love.

      There are many different ways to make money writing, depending on your interests. You may be interested in Christian copywriting, fundraising or grant writing, travel blogging, or something else. You can find a niche that aligns with your values that also gives you an income, and still have time to write poetry.

      Let us know if you have any questions about anything. Best of luck on your writing goals!

  2. Hi,
    I do not know anything about the field of copywriting.
    I just came across your comment addressed to;… Hi Vickie…
    & I felt inspired to read along. What really impressed upon me
    was the many ways writing is making a difference to readers…
    Just like me, I have an Passion to write.. what I mean is I love to
    just write hoping that what I say will ring in someone’s life in
    a profound way. We each want to touch lives and writing to me
    seems to be a way that can reach out & not only touch a Life also,
    really matter.
    Thanks for writing to Vickie.
    In this Light my life has been touched by your writing..
    I guess that is what it is all about..
    Cheryl Jones Latimer

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