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Writing Goals from Barefoot Writers Around the World


If this is the year you want to launch your writer’s life, then we want to hear about it!

Please share your writing goals with us in the comments section below. And know that every goal matters.

So whether your hope is to write part-time to put extra money in your pocket, or you plan to take the leap and transition from your day job into a lucrative writing career … shout it out!

After all, there’s a TON of value in sharing your goals with others, and making a public commitment is a proven way to cement those goals.

So voice your commitment, right here, right now. As a thank you, the team at Barefoot Writer will do all we can to give you the support and encouragement you need to achieve your writing dreams!



  1. Hi,
    Alternatively, if you aren’t in a group (minnie-review, master mind, or whatever you’ve chosen to call it), why not initiate one on here? I’m in a group that met on one of AWAI’s forum’s last year. We met for the first time face-to-face at Bootcamp this year. We had lunch together every day in Delray Beach. It was a blast! And we reaffirmed our commitment to work together as a group. This week we have simply e-mailed each other our goals for January. At the end of the month we’ll take stock and e-mail each other again to acknowledge whether or not we met our monthly goals. We’ll repeat this each month.

    • Ramona Wells on


      I’m new to the BWC and I’m thirsty to learn what it takes to really write for a living. I’ve always been the go to girl when it comes to writing to express how unfairly a certain group is being treated in the workplace or for friends needing to submit letters to authorities claiming oversight by doctors or letters to school board officicials when my grand children have been overlooked by the district. Now I want to write for me, I want to write to earn my living and have the freedom that I’ve been reading about. I knew it existed but I didn’t know it was at my fingertips before joining the BWC. I’m not in Florida but I’m just a keyboard stroke away and I’d love to join your group. My first step this week is enrolling in The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting.

  2. Happy New Year!!!

    1. Jan-Feb-Mar 2016 will be my “graduate-level semester in copywriting” — with 4 live AWAI classes and the Circle of Success Roadmap to Landing Your Dream Clients (one little segment or resource per day for motivation). I will be working 4 – 6 hours per day, and plan to break five-figures in copywriting by the end of the year!

    2. Launch my new Website by March 31.

    3. Finish & submit a complete long-form sales package I started from Spec last year.

    4. January: Update my LinkedIn profile.

    5. January: Update & submit my resume for a freelance copywriting gig in my current professional niche!

    • Hiiii Sherri! Love the way you broke your goals down month-by-month. If the submissions I’ve seen by you are any indication… this year will ROCK for you!!! Good luck on it all. 🙂

  3. In 2016, this is what I will accomplish; I will complete The Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, complete Nick Usborne’s Money-Making Website program, and complete at least one other program offered by AWAI. I will attend my first Bootcamp and be hired by at least three clients. I don’t know if I’ll be able to say adios to my day job in 2016 but I’m going to try like…well, like a man who intends to. I’ll hope you hold me accountable and I’ll appreciate any help and encouragement along the way!

    • Hi Randy! Awesome, specific goals… cheers to you accomplishing all of them!! We’ll do our best to hold you accountable, and will certainly give as much help and encouragement as we can.

      • Lydia Kaslar on

        Hi everyone my name is Lydia and I am kind of new to BFW, but I just started writing my book and I feel like If I stop then my characters stop as well. So my goal is to set aside some alone with me time and just sit down and finish my book. I have really enjoyed writing all my life; to me it is a lost art form and todays children and teenagers don’t really enjoy talking to adults much less writing them a letter. One of my other goals is to become a copy write writer and also I want to see about going into Trademarks and Patents as an Attorney or as a Litigation Secretary. I really enjoy the challenge of some thing hard to figure out and to me doing the copy write job no two days would be alike and it would always bring out the best in yourself. My motto has always been; “There’s Nothing To It But To Do It!!! I’ll post something else later. Ta-Ta For Now. Have a Blessed Day.

  4. I only have a few goals really for this year and they are in no particular order. I want to have a steady stream of clients and I have set the goal of making $500 a week as a starting place. I also want to publish more this year in trade magazines and who knows what else :). Finally get my LinkedIn profile completed and connect with more people in education who may need writing or research.

    • Go Diana! Love your specific, achievable goals… May this year be BIG for you so you can look back at this post and say, “Check, check, check…” and check it all off the list!

  5. Hello World!

    My goals for 2016 are:

    1. Consistently blog 1x a week (minimum)
    2. Finish my (2) cookbooks
    3. Secure 3 long-term clients
    4. Write in my journal daily
    5. Learn this thing called copywriting… 😉

    • Awesome goals! And cookbook writing? Very cool – I hope you’ll post about them here once they’re published. Best of luck in accomplishing it all!

  6. Patricia Moyer on

    To embrace the concept of “baby steps.” Big goals can’t be accomplished in a day or week and I’ve been guilty of expecting instant results. So this year I will honor the idea of small, steady progress. Before I know it, I’ll be where I want to be: A successful freelance writer.

  7. Bonnie Schooler on

    1. Write something every day.
    2. Continue studying and learning.
    3. Complete my Money Making Website through Nick’s course.
    4. Attend and succeed at the Web Intensive
    5. Build my business website and put my portfolio together.
    6. Keep making contacts and actively seek clients.
    7. Make money by writing for the Christian market and enough by years end to move someplace warmer
    and not have to live in my car!:)

    • Hi Bonnie – I like that you broke this down by specifics. And I’m glad I’ll get to meet you at the Web Intensive! Maybe we can talk more about your goals then – I’d like to help in any way I can.

  8. Short term : paying for 2016 Bootcamp on monthly basis. DONE
    : deciding what to comment on; I do see a lot of poor websites but don’t want to offend the owners/writers of the sites.
    : and then actually Doing the commenting! Website.
    Mid-term : clients clients clients, writing writing writing, invoices!!!
    Long term : prepare for boot camp and the extra expenses; writing, writing more writing,invoicing, deposits, BETTER HOUSING. hot tub.

    • Very cool breaking it all down into short, medium, and long-term goals. And I’m so glad I’ll get to meet you at Bootcamp! Hot tub = YES. 🙂

  9. Hello Fellow writers!

    This year I will:
    1. Replace my current monthly income by June 30, 2016
    a. Complete Joshua’s Roadmap by Jan 31st
    b. Complete COS Headlines
    c. Launch Money Making Website- Feb 29th(50% done already)
    d. Complete COS Leads
    e. Follow Joshua’s Roadmap consistently for the best clients – 3 big ones – June 30th
    2. Close my practice to focus 100% on my new writing career by Sept 30th
    3. As to Lee Norse’s comment above I want to find some writers interested in a Mastermind Group…..

    I am a Chiropractor living in Bend, Oregon, married, three kids and love people…who’s truly up for some serious goal-getting?…I would love to connect!

    3. Make 100K this year between my two careers…knowing that 2017 will be over 100K via Barefoot Writing 😉

    • Yeah, Pamela! I LOVE your enthusiasm! And bravo on posting specifics about when you want certain things to happen. If I see any other posts about people interested in Masterminds, I’ll mention your post here.

    • Very, very, interesting. I have been looking for ways to expand my knowledge, and horizons to go public with my thoughts. This could be that very thing that springboards me into heights unknown. Additionally, I am mentally questioning the MASTERMIND thingy…me, one of those…do not believe that I am qualified in that genre. Never go through life with one arm tied behind your back…nothing more for me to say except…. Tag.. Your it!

  10. Jennifer Nunnelee on

    I want to start off w a bang and get some paying gigs!
    I want to be really good at this copywriting thing and get noticed!
    I would like to not have to work overtime in my regular job and possibly cut back hours all together!
    Be able to afford some more courses in writing!

    • Excellent – glad to hear it, Jennifer! Are you an AWAI member? Their site is a great source for paying writing assignments… it’s like a best kept secret in my opinion. Good luck!

  11. I am all over the internet but I have never earned any money from all my internet activities and it has started giving me concern. This year, when I come back from traveling I hope to,
    1. Rebuild my business website or bring it down and launch a new one through AWAI (money making website assistance.)
    2. Organize my web presence towards one goal, making money
    3. Publish two books between June and September.
    4. Be more involving in AWAI learning resources and programs to utilize the opportunities offered, to better my life as a writer.

    • Excellent goals! Thank you for sharing – and I applaud you for looping your financial goals back around toward living a great life. Best of luck!

  12. I love to read. I love to write and to inspire and encourage. I have joined this group to see how to proceed in this whole field. I have been deluged with emails and have frankly, been overwhelmed. I would like to put my foot forward and Do something. Even one thing to move forward. What would be one thing that would produce momentum? That is what I would like to do in January.

    • Hi Lisa – Great question. I completely remember feeling what you described, basically being overwhelmed by so many opportunities that I didn’t know what to do first (except to keep reading about everything and getting excited without taking action!). Putting myself out there is what finally made the difference. What I didn’t know by that point, I knew how to figure out or where to go with questions. Have you put together a LinkedIn profile yet? That would be my recommended starting point. Next up would be a professional writing website – very simple, just your home page, services, and contact page – you can always add as you go. With either approach, you’ll gain credibility, and that makes it easier to put yourself out there and talk to someone about potential writing projects.

  13. Peter Parchment on

    Three simple goals for 2016, since I am just starting out as a “barefoot writer”:

    1. Learn everything I can about Copywriting from AWAI
    2. Increase my writing time to about 8 hours per week
    3. Secure at least one paying client

  14. Rhonda Lane Dinguss on

    It is my goal this year to complete my programs, finish setting up my website, write my e-book, warm email a lot of prospects (especially in the Christian market), travel a little, Go to Boot camp, take more pictures, spend more time with my family, work on a book, help more people discover their hidden talents and completely enjoy life. All of this is possible, because AWAI has made it possible…and there is an abundance of learning material at my fingertips…and I can get help and support whenever or where-ever I need it. Thank You AWAI

    • Thank you for sharing this with us, Rhonda! And what great goals – I like that you have both business and family/quality of life goals. I hope your Bootcamp goal works out – I’ll look forward to meeting you! (I hope ALL your goals work out!)

  15. You never really understand the course that your life is on, or why it is that certain things present themselves at certain times in your life. But that’s not as important, as recognizing that this “present” has been delivered to you. Previously a Registered Nurse working in a travel immunization clinic, then a Life insurance agent, where I ended up specializing with clients who had high risk needs for travel insurance, and now being introduced to copy writing after joining and writing for NaNoWriMo in November 2014, 2015. Which brings me to where I am today so here are my goals:
    1) Start a writers blog site immediately – should be completed by Jan 15th, 2016
    2) Create my very first Video to promote blog and niche topic – complete no later than Jan 25th, 2016
    3) Start reaching out to companies to promote myself as a copywriter – not sure of timeline on this one
    4) Reach a six figure income by Jan 15th, 2017

  16. Jane Marie Thuy Uong on

    Happy New Year to all ,
    I am a new menber of Barefoot Writer Club.
    My 2016 plan is:
    1/ Add a new page to my website every two weeks .
    ( I just created my website on November 2015 after finishing Money Making Website program)
    Everybody is welcome to check it out and give me a feedback wwwdotbeautytweedotcom
    2/ Get a client by the end of march 2016
    3/ Quit my full-time job on 6/30/2016 to devote full time to my copywriting career.
    You all are like my new family.
    Thank you. God Bless.

  17. Li Vasquez-Noone on

    My number one goal: Organize, organize, organize! This is the year that my desk stays clean, my files are up to date, everything is noted on my calendar, and my email inbox is clean (or at least manageable).

  18. Jenice Simmons on

    I am a new member of The Barefoot Writers Club and my goals for 2016 are:
    1. Start a Blog
    2. Finish editing my book and get it published
    3. Learn this Copywriter Skill
    4. Actively seek some clients to be a Copywriter for
    5. And become the successful Freelance Copywriter that’s locked inside me!

  19. Hi! My goal is to finish the accelerated course (I’m so close to finishing my first project!), make at least $5,000 copy writing by May, so I can go to Europe with my family for the summer. I aim to make around $1,000 per month to replace my current income (pittance, I know) and stay home to work lots more and grow that amount. I want to quit my job after attending Bootcamp in Oct. Now I’ve written it out, it looks so small! But since I’ve yet to make any money, it seems big to me. I’d also like to build a network of copywriters to converse with regularly.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I’m brand new here, just reading these comments:)

      Pamela Cobbs posted earlier in this thread that she’d enjoy being in a small group.

      Perhaps we can connect?

      Color me very interested!


  20. Laurie Fritsch on

    I joined AWAI months ago after my government contract was cut while working for a federal agency in an admin/editorial role. The good news is after six months of job hunting, I landed a very good job. Since I am my family’s primary breadwinner, I need to get off on the right foot to learn my new job. And my second goal is to get going to start and finish the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. I am not going to sign up for the 10-course. In addition to these two very important goals, I’ve got to stay on time publishing two newsletters that I’ve been publishing since 2014. Like many of you, I’ve got a lot on my plate. But I sincerely would like to be come a six-figure copywriter. Any encouragement would be appreciated.

  21. I started looking into AWAI a while ago. Like some, I initially lacked the motivation to follow through. In 2014, I joined the COS and I was hoping to find the motivation, last year, to get to the bootcamp and make something happen. Unfortunately, things did not work out as planned and I had to cancel in September of last year. I think that part of it was the fact that I kept my goal to myself. This year, I am not making the same mistake. I am putting it out there for the world to see (if they want to come looking). My goal is to make it to the bootcamp in 2016 and to get my first paying job by then. It may be a bit ambitious, but I really need this in my life right now. I am hoping for some like minded people to hold me accountable. I am willing to do the same for anyone who would like to share the load.

  22. Hello All,

    My first goal is to establish a permanent, full-time space to BE a full time, freelance writer. That’s in the works and I intend to complete it by the end of April. It includes selling my current home and buying a condo in a metropolitan area … then dedicating one room for my writing office only.

    Simultaneously, I intend to establish a permanent schedule of continuing education through my COS membership and programs. I’ve initiated that process.

    I intend to market to at least one potential client daily using Josh’s strategies or any strategy that proves to have merit.

    I intend to set a regular schedule of follow up on those responding contacts on a weekly basis.

    I intend to be on track for more than $50,000 in 2016 from writing alone. I want that to be evident by the end of June. It will give me the confidence I need to cut everything else loose to live the writer’s life full time.

    I want to be full time before Thanksgiving.

    I want to present at least three seminars this year for writers. The first one is scheduled for February 20th.

    I want to make “the Slight Edge” principles an unwavering habit and an established paradigm of thinking about achieving success.

    • Excellent, Rick – clear, defined, actionable goals. I look forward to hearing about your success as you knock each one of them out!

  23. In 2015 I set my goals and:

    1. Completed the Accelerated Copywriting Course
    2. Completed the Social Media Marketing Course
    3. Set up a LinkedIn Profile
    4. Revised my existing website to include Copywriting and Website Consulting
    5. Wrote every day.

    In the middle of all this activity two friends ‘hired’ me.
    a. I wrote a Marketing Plan and a Landing Page for an online business opportunity
    b. I did a Tax e-Newsletter and beginning layout for a Website for a Tax Consultant.

    Now for 2016 – the year of the Copywriter and Website Consultant
    1. Write every day.
    2. Correct and resubmit my Assignment for further review
    3. Of course who isn’t writing a book, I am too, but …
    4. To be hired as a Web Copywriter and Website
    5. To be hired as a Website Consultant.
    6. To make $$$$…

    I can make an extensive list, but with all I’ve learned and know how to do, there’s a nagging problem.
    I don’t believe I’m good enough to get hired.

    So my goal for 2016 is to change this into proving I am good enough to get hired.

  24. What I achieved in 2015:
    1. Completed a screenplay “Ostracized”. Now I am after the bollywood producers.
    2. Published a book, “I am uncultured” available on book stalls now
    3. Got National Award for one of my Books, “Those unlucky men”
    4. Completed AWAI’s Acceleratred program
    5. Completed AWAI’s “Crash course in B2B content”
    6. Completed a book for publication, ” It was a great pleasure when we were bachelor” it will be published this year (2016)
    7. To make viral presence on the internet

    Goals for 2016

    1. To write a new book, ” My name is Idiot” (satirical essays)
    2. Produce a film, “Surrender”
    3. Get at least 2 long term clients for copywriting
    4. To write a screenplay
    5. To start an online business, which is half over by now
    6.Blog weekly
    7. Writing daily ‘anything on varied subjects’

  25. I am confused,I’m really lost. Although I have the idea,the subject,some facts and experiences I have gathered some books about my subject.
    I’m going to read more books about my subject.
    I’m starting to write 1 or 2 pages on day
    and I’m asking every day for more help.

  26. Honestly my goal for 2016 is to get serious. I’ve started and stopped, and started and stopped. This is the year I keep going!

  27. Cynthia Burrows on

    I joined AWAI last year when I became a member of Winton’s Barefoot consultants. So I now have been working on Elance, which is now Upwork, for about a year. This has given be experience as a paid writer in the health field, for the first time in many years.
    Since I work a job also, my goal is to slowly add more hours to my writing, I now do roughly 10-15 hours a week.
    It has become possible for me to see I could use this as a form of income for when I retire. I need to still learn so much ; thanks to AWAI for this education.
    My goal is to continue, add a website, to advertise my work and to increase my Upwork profile. And also, to increase my income from $300 a month to $1000/month.

  28. John Soldevilla on

    2016 Goals
    1 Create an income of $3000 by May 1.
    2. Move out of my truck and into a place with indoor plumbing and electricity with my new income.
    3. Steadily increase my abilities and writing techniques
    4. Increase income to $5000 a month by end of year.
    5. Relax in my home without the chaos of ling in the Walmart parking lot.

  29. Diane Germanowski on

    Goals For 2016
    1. Write! Write! Write!
    2. Learn! Learn! Learn!
    3. Do Each Five Days a week!
    4.Review progress, classes taken, blogs read, and create the internal space and external space for success.
    FUTURE GOALS! FUN!! WORK! Combined!
    MOST IMPORTANTLY : Set immediate short and long term goals, Write and Post these goals but also place a written copy , in a prominent place, seen several times a day!

  30. Darryl Brashier on

    I’m new to this site and this group and I’m writing today to publicly declare my situation and my goals. I’ve been a IT contract worker making low 6 figures for the last several years. However, I have reached each of the last 6 Decembers either out of work or balancing on the cusp of being laid off. I’m tired of that stress and I’m tired of IT since I’ve been working in electronics and computers for most of the last 40 years. I’ve used my writing skills for documentation, teaching and process aids, and other work-related writing as well as writing my own web sites, blogs and Facebook posts (which tend to be long and reasoned responses to short “bumper sticker” comments). I’ve also bought a number of “how to make money on the Internet” books and programs and have, so far, earned not a dime from any of those – perhaps because I’ve not stuck with them.

    Now I’m once again looking at a job search that I no longer want to do and I’ve come to the decision that my writing skills are a way for me to leave the 2-hour commutes and after-hours panic calls from customers. To that end, here are my goals:

    1. To get through the information on this site and internalize it by the end of this month, if at all possible. Since I’ve not explored the site, I don’t know if this is possible but that’s my plan.

    2. To clean up my internet presence by March 31, including any old sites that are no longer maintained, LinkedIn, and Facebook.

    3. To create a portfolio of my available work and new copy by March 31.

    4. To sell enough doing this work to pay for the advanced training and then to take it by April 30th.

    5. To continue writing regularly and increase my income and my skills through the year.

    6. To connect more fully with the community here throughout the year.

    7. To attend a Bootcamp as soon as I can afford it and one is available.

    8. To replace my income entirely by year’s end.

    9. To enjoy life from now until I die at the age of 100+!

  31. Ricardo Nascimento on

    I wrote a list of six goals in my Journal yesterday evening. I read them over today, I think that I over-reached with some of them so here is my new list of goals for 2016:
    1. To complete the Accelerated Six-Figure Copywriter course (just started last week).
    2. To have 2 to 3 clients by July 1.
    3. To complete one painting a month.
    4. To be earning in the mid to high 5 figures by the end of this year.
    5. To have my Freelancing website up and running and drawing new clients by July 1.
    6. To write every day; whether it be journaling, practice copying, doing assignments and or creating copy for clients.
    7. To ask for help when I need it.
    8. To be accountable for these goals.


  32. Scheryl McDavid on

    Someone, please, hold me accountable!
    1. Get my freelancer website up and running (I’m very close to done)
    2. Join a writer mastermind/accountability group
    3. Build a money-making/passive income website (still searching for a topic)
    4. Get my first client (grants, whitepapers or web copy)
    5. Take at least one really good week-long vacay!!!

  33. Faith Elkins on

    I’m brand new to the Barefoot Writer program, so new my feet have no callouses yet, so new that I haven’t yet dipped my bare foot into the water of writing for money, but here are my goals for 2016:
    1. Write at least 6 hours per week. I have a full-time job, so I’m limited to the weekends, but I hope to retire in four years, by which time, I hope to be making enough of an income through writing to pay my expenses.
    2. Add a blog entry per week to my existing blog. I started it last July and have only made three posts so far.
    3. Read the articles, read the Quick-Start Guide, peruse the AWAI site, and perhaps take a webinar.
    4. Acquire at least one client.
    5. Tweak my Linked-In profile to indicate freelance editing, proofreading, and copy writing.

  34. Clarence Peters on

    My goals for 2016; I want to learn how to blog effectively, I want to learn how to convert contacts to clients, I want to learn how to copy write. I feel like if I learn this craft I will have better reports in school.I am currently in School, at American Intercontinental University Online, I am pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in IT and network administrations. I had major strokes in 2010, these took my lifelong career of being a carpenter away from me.
    I had a Remodeling business and was growing annually pretty strong each year, the strokes forced me to shut the business down.I went back to school to learn computers and how they work, and how to get employed with them. Didn’t realize I was going to have to get certificates in every field possible to gain employment. I found this copywriting idea while bouncing around the internet, and decided I would really like to check it out and see if I can make it work for me, I look forward to meeting evryone and taking a step in another direction.I have written many ads for my remodeling service, I am thinking this is a plus for me. But I feel like there is still a lot for me to learnI will never portray myself as a know it all. I am far from that.thank you for listening

    • Seeing everyone else’s 2016 writing goals listed, itemized, and so well organized here is incredibly motivating and inspiring. I am somewhat apprehensive about joining the BFWC, but, after having a look around the site and seeing what everyone else hopes to accomplish this year, I believe I am in a better, more informed position to make a decision about joining the group. As for my own personal writing goals for 2016, the only thing I’d like to do (in addition to earning a few dollars, of course) is learn how to read…

  35. Rose Jopnson on

    Some of the writing goals I have for 2016;
    To improve my writers voice, and have articles published in magazines that I read!
    To keep my daily writing schedule, and do 3 pages no matter what!
    To have a blog on LinkedIn that is interesting, informative and followed by some of the influencers I follow.

  36. Michelle Lynn on

    My 2016 Writer’s Life…
    First and foremost, I need an outlet for all these crazy thoughts and ideas that invade my thoughts, dreams, notebooks, etc.!
    In addition to the following items, not in any specific order;
    Financial Freedom
    Freedom to roam while I write
    Work at my own pace, when and where
    Utilize and enhance my creative, intelligent, entrepreneurial and inquisitive skills!!! 🙂

    • I understand the feeling of needing a place to let out those crazy awesome dreams & thoughts. My biggest hurdle is my hand keeping up with my brain.

  37. Christine Sims on

    I am new to Barefoot Writers. So new that I feel I have a lot to learn just to be able to create a list of realistic goals! The first quarter of 2016 is almost over, so my goals, for now, will be for Quarter #2 of 2016. First, I know this is what I want to do fulltime (copywriting, editing, B2B, web copywriting, a blog, and a money-making website). Next, I know my areas of interest and/or expertise include: Real estate investing, supplemental insurance, Christianity, self-help & personal motivation, and connecting with the special needs community (particularly with parents of autistic children). So my goals for Quarter #2: to sign up and complete the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting, Complete/update my LinkedIn profile, and figure out how to create a website so I can promote my services. And lastly, I would like to focus my efforts (my targeted prospects) on just one area of interest to start (perhaps the area with the most potential for lucrative contracts?). That’s it! I will keep Barefoot Writers updated on how I do! Best of luck to everyone!

    • Dear Christine,

      I am new at this also, plus being a senior citizen. I believe we have a lot in common. I cheer you on, and I am also starting this Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting. You have encouraged me by writing your goals. I think being organized is a key. Thanks for sharing and I don’t know the ropes yet (three days in this organization so far) but am happy and thrilled to meet you through this medium, and encourage each other. Down the road we will both need it! Sincerely, Mary Jane Lang

  38. Fred Williams on

    My 2016 Writers live as of 3/20/2016 the day I decided that my life needed a makeover. Suffered a neck injury a couple years ago thought I had an awesome job, workers comp made me take a FCE evaluation and my job got the results. Then the company decides they have no place for me with y limitations, so as of 3/31/2016 I will devote my life to becoming the best writer I know.
    Wow I have read so many of your comments I want to say congratulations to every one on there success.
    My personal goals are to finish the program around 12 weeks I also with the copywriting coarse I am going to work the masters in there which may take a bit longer. Get my new business up and running and have at least 6 clients by the end of the year. This will be my biggest challenge in my life since I am a 3 rd generation home builder, painter, Improvement expert. wish me the best as I do each and everyone of you , I can use any and all advice. Thanks Fred

  39. Hello Barefooter’s
    1. Goal for 2016. Get my website up n running
    2. Finish my profile (could really use some help )
    3. Join PWA (asap )
    4. Pick myself backup n put my Barefeet firmly on the ground (again )
    5. At least make 500,000 by years end.
    6 (MOST IMPORTANT ) Stay positive n STAY FOCUSED with this writing lifel

  40. Hello Barefooter’s
    1. Goal for 2016. Get my website up n running
    2. Finish my profile (could really use some help )
    3. Join PWA (asap )
    4. Pick myself backup n put my Barefeet firmly on the ground (again )
    5. At least make 500,000 by years end.
    6 (MOST IMPORTANT ) Stay positive n STAY FOCUSED with this writing life.

  41. Beryl Johnson on

    Wow! I have read all these comments and feel totally overwhelmed and inadequate. Everyone seems to know what they want to do and how they are going to do it. I feel I am lost and floundering. I have just started here as a barefoot writer and I am hoping it will help me launch my career as a writer. I have been writing for years in that I write in a journal every day, I have journals of my travels and holidays, I have written poems, but I want more than just writing for my own satisfaction. I want to earn money from it.

    I have started an Alison course on journalism ( because it was free and I don’t have much money). While I am enjoying the course, I have realised that journalism is not what I want to do. I will continue and finish the course because I am hoping it will help hone my writing skills.

    What I am really interested in is travel writing and copywriting. But I need to earn money so that I can pay for courses and attend the bootcamps. So you can see my dilemma and confusion.

    I would love to join in a group that will help to get me on track, and provide motivation and feedback on my writing. So if there is anyone out there interested in taking on a newbie please let me know.

  42. Maina Judson on

    I’m with Beryl Johnson on this…overwhelmed and feel inadequate. As a newbie, I, too am looking for something to do, now that I’ve joined the category of retirees! I hate to see my brain mush overnight for the lack of mental exercise, so I now resort into joining so I can make better use of my love for writing and earning a supplemental income. I love to travel, hiking and camping…taking along my faithful buddy, Rebel T5i for some shots of landscapes and places I’ve been. As for my goals, I will take one step at a time until I’m very comfortable with the overall feel of the system and hopefully, the pros in the membership will lend a helping hand(s) in my attempt. Thank you.

    • Betty Wright on

      I enjoyed reading some of the many goals many of you have set for 2016. They have spurred me on to do the same. I just signed up to do the Accelerated Program for 6 – Figure Copywriting so will work diligently to get it completed by the end of the year. I’m not certain of which route I will concentrate on, however, I do know I will write on the subjects I am passionate about: self-growth, travel, alternative health, and astrology. I have already established a travel blog so will continue with that but at the same time will work on setting up my own website for copy writing. It’s going to be a real challenge but I’m ready to take it on with the help of Barefoot Writers.

      Betty Wright

  43. These goals are not just for me, but for my best friend in the world, my wife.

    • Spend every morning studying this website, and AWAI’s Accelerated Program
    • Develop a strong skill of writing
    • Build a website, and modest business.
    • Aquire long term clients
    • Be able to quit our jobs
    • Buy a home WHEREVER we want

    Do all of this by October 2017

  44. Madeline Worischeck on

    September 26, 2016 I’ve recently signed up for the Barefoot Writers site and a couple other things. I am going to finish the Accelerated course by the end of the year. I have been out of work for the last 5 months and have been looking for a job. I want to work from home so this looked like a good idea. The cost of the Accelerated program is guaranteed so I don’t feel like I would be out anything as long as I finished it. I am 63 years old and when I was 60 I started Massage Therapy School. I want to keep my brain working so this is a good way to do it. This company is very supportive of everyone as long as you participate and do the work. These are my goals for 2916. Thank you for posting your goals so I can have something to inspire me.

  45. I love to write and I always have. I write my feelings, my goals, my interests. I write letters to my spouse, my children and anyone I have a problem with. Sometimes I give them the letters and sometimes I just keep them but at least I got my feelings down on paper and out of my head.
    I have written poetry and quotes.
    I’m glad that I have found this avenue to write. I hope to do well in it!

  46. I have just begun this quest. I have always felt very confident of my abilities, but as I have gotten older, I am beginning to doubt myself. But I have always enjoyed writing and have been told that is one of my strengths. So, I intend to plod on, day by day, until the “light dawns” and I actually know what I’m doing. I am holding myself accountable by recording the amount of time I spend each day applying myself to my new vocation. I plan to take my first writing assignment in March, 2017. I have gotten several ideas from reading others’ plans and the replies. So, thanks to you all!

  47. Hello everyone!
    I am so thrilled to be finally starting something I have wanted to do forever….writing…..which has always been a real joy! A couple of years ago, I started writing a book about “An Ordinary Life”, a kind of autoboigraphy but painful memories kept intruding and stopped me from finishing it. Two other attempts fizzled out as well as so I was probably NOT in the right place at the right time!
    I came across AWAI & Barefoot a year ago, and kept barely glimpsing over the emails and then three days ago, as I was just about to unsubscribe, a little voice said “this could be your chance to earn a living by doing something you love, DO NOT press that deleting link”.
    So here I am, so motivated and so ready to plunge into this new, exciting chapter of life!
    Thank you for all the free information! I think I read something (before getting onboard) about you guys helping us find clients to start our first jobs, could you please confirm and explain how.
    Happy to be part of this community of people with the same goals!

  48. My goals for the year 2016.
    A short shout out to all of the frostbit barefoot people of the barefoot writers community.
    Written hastily on December 11, 2016.
    Finally, I have found my people. Writers. Maybe not great ones, maybe even some who really have no shoes, but I’m choosing to believe the barefoot writers struggle is not about not being able to afford shoes, but to be comfortable and barefoot by choice because you have found a way to get paid for your writing gifts. And I, by the way, am most comfortable lounging in 4 inch stiletto heels while I bless my writing paper with a Loud or gasm of perfectly organized words placed in such an aesthetically pleasing order that is meant to bring readers eyes onto my words quickly and in single file, like the pied piper of semiotics. Of course It was meant to be that I stumble apon this verbose, and time stealing art form in the shape of opportunities. SincE 2017 is so very close, so doth my redemption draweth nigh because I only have one goal, starting today, in 2016, and that my new lovers is toturn 32 years old on Christmas day. The day of my birth. And, the day of Jesus Christ’s birth. And since we have the same birthday, and I grew up with him, and he has saved me so many, many times in my life…This year, for my birthday, he is going to do me the biggest solid and make the rest of my time here on earth truly joyfull. In every way. Nuttin’ but Aces for me from now on. ( it’s ok, I’ve allready given him my heart and soul for eternity.) So,my comrades in ink, I’ll be doing some more writing here soon, probably on something that I will get money for, so if you want to read more of me, I’ll show u mine when you show me yours:p. The writing. Thank you for letting me expell my verbal Gass here. Oh, I think that verbal diareah is happening too. Yep. Poop jokes.

  49. Today I made a commitment to actually do what I have wanted to do all my life: be a writer and make a living with it! I write all the time and have started stories that I don’t finish, both fiction and non-fiction. I keep journals, and as I prepare to travel in Ireland the next few weeks I will take notes and pictures every day so I might be able to write something of worth about the trip. I will begin the course work today and each day until I leave for Ireland so I have the right framework for my writing. My long-term goals are to finish my stories and write more about my experiences as I travel places. I’m living the life right now. I look forward to reading about other writers and sharing with them!

  50. I am a new member of barefoot writer’s club. I want to become a proposal grant writer, or writing letters for community projects or organizations.. Also I’m interested to learn sales letter copywriting I just don’t know how to start. I believe that I can do better writing about health and older adults because I believe business people would like to promote products with the older adults population like what’s best for the boomer’s. How to get started? I NEED A HERO…

  51. Charles McAndrew Jr on

    One careful step at a time. Begin by reading all material that this website has to offer. I have just purchased “How to Write a Good Advertisement” by Victor O. Schwab. I have books, newsletters and files all around me. My current attempt is to organize all material before I begin to review your course strategy. Reading is important to me at this time 10/21/17.

    Charles W. McAndrew, Jr

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