Linda Wilkinson loves to go out of her way to help others, whether it means visiting a sick friend or giving food to a homeless person. Thanks to her background as a Barefoot Writer, Linda has been able to focus on and write about two of her favorite spheres: kindness and compassion. Discover how she’s working to incorporate these two interests into a rewarding writing career. 

What first brought you into copywriting? 

I started AWAI’s Six-Figure Copywriting Program soon after my husband became an entrepreneur. I thought I could help him with marketing, plus make extra money on the side. I never finished the program because my dad got sick, and I needed to help my mom care for him. During that time, though, I landed a job as a copywriter for a New York nutraceutical company and loved that I was able to do the work from my parents’ spare bedroom. My assignments involved writing newsletter articles, ads, press releases, and bios. It was a lot of fun, and it gave me something to focus on other than my dad’s illness. 

You write mostly for yourself now. What are you working on? 

After a few years of writing everything from brochures, case studies, and websites to feature magazine articles and press releases in a variety of industries, I decided I wanted to do something completely different. So I started a blog called Kindness Matters ( and am working towards monetizing it. 

Do you still write copy for others? 

I occasionally write press releases and website copy for clients, and I will write articles for editors if the topic interests me. However, my primary focus is grant writing and fundraising for nonprofits. 

How do you take advantage of the freedom that comes with Barefoot Writing? 

The biggest advantage of living the writer’s life is the freedom to spend time with my family (including my beloved cat, Jake) and to have time to do the things I love — volunteering, gardening, photography, and reading a good book on a lazy summer day. 

Any future goals or projects you’re willing to share? 

I am planning to write a book in the near future. 

What superpower would you most like to have? 

I would love to be a speed writer so I would never, ever have to tape another interview. 

What’s one tip you can share with new Barefoot Writers? 

Step out of your comfort zone and accept new writing opportunities that come your way. Even if they aren’t in your niche, each opportunity allows you to add to your portfolio and develop your skills and connections.

Fact File:

Previous Job: Communications Manager
Current Writing Interest:
Nonprofit grant writing and blogging
Best Part of Barefoot Living: Time to do the things I love with the people I value most
Top Advice: Be adventurous and try something new