Here in Vermont, most of us live in very small towns where, as you can imagine, it’s very difficult to stay “private” for very long.

So when people see me out and about, golfing, shopping, and puttering around when most people are working, it’s not long before I get what I like to call “The Question”:

“So, what do you do for a living?”
I don’t mind “The Question” so much. It’s the answer that’s tough.

I start off with, “I’m a writer,” which tends to garner one of two reactions. Either it’s genuine admiration (“Oh, really? That’s terrific!”) … or some level of skepticism (“Are you really a writer or do you just call yourself one?”).

Either way, the inevitable follow-up question is not far behind: “So, what is it you write?

That’s when it gets tough for me. Because I’ve discovered over the years that few people know what a “copywriter” is … and it’s not an easy thing to explain, beyond “I write ads.”

Of course, there are those who’ve come to know me and see the money and lifestyle being a copywriter can bring and want to know more. These people ask:

If I were to become a copywriter, what’s the first thing I should learn?

It’s not that I don’t want to tell them. It’s just that usually when they ask, we’re in the produce section of the grocery store or I’m trying to fix a deadly “pull hook” that’s reemerged after umpteen $75 golf lessons trying to get rid of it!

Now, I just point them to this article: “The First Thing You Need to Know About Successful Writing.”

This article explains the most important thing any aspiring copywriter needs to know … before he or she writes a single word! And I explain it far more succinctly than I could at any cocktail party or pig roast!

There’s also the answer to the other question I get so often: “Just what is a ‘copywriter’ anyway – and how is it you make so much money?” Our very own Rebecca Matter handles that one beautifully in her informative article “Your Golden Ticket to the Barefoot Writing Lifestyle.”

Plus, there are dozens of other articles that will not only inspire you, but also send you nicely down the path of becoming a successful, work-from-home, in- demand writer.

But before I leave you to enjoy the issue, let me say,

“Congratulations – and welcome!”

If you love to write – and you’re looking for a way to make a very nice income while steering clear of the rat race, becoming a Barefoot Writer’s Club member is the best way to get to know our secret little world!