One of the most lucrative ways to make good money as a Barefoot Writer might be right in your own backyard.

According to a Citibank survey, 72 percent of small businesses who think they should have their own websites don’t – simply because they don’t have the time or knowledge to do it.

This is where you can help.

Nick Usborne has been helping businesses create a web presence for 12 years now, and he says there’s nothing more rewarding than watching a struggling business flourish simply because you showed them a way to sell online.

Here’s how it might work, says Nick.

Let’s say there is a company in your community called Ray’s Belts. They have a reputation for making high-quality handmade leather belts. When anyone in town needs a belt – that’s where they go. One day while shopping for a belt yourself, you think, “If people drive an hour just to buy a belt from Ray – why wouldn’t people all over the world want them?”

So you sit down with Ray to find out what makes Ray’s belts so much better than everyone else’s. And then you create a simple website where people can learn about Ray’s belts and how they’re made – and order them online.

It can be a very simple website, something anyone could set up with a few simple keystrokes. The key to success is how you position Ray’s product – and that just boils down to good fundamental copywriting.

During your interview, you find out that the quality of leather Ray was using was unlike anyone else uses. Most belts have a thin layer of leather over a composite material – while Ray’s belts were solid through and through. Highlighting that fact will make the difference.

Thanks to your help, within six months, Ray’s business triples. Within a year, he’s doing 10 times the business – over $900K a year – and has to hire 5 people to make and ship belts.

This was a hypothetical situation, but Nick estimates there are millions of businesses across America who could benefit in this way from a website of their own. One of the biggest needs these days is for people who know how to create a professional online presence for mom-and-pop businesses. There’s so much demand for web development among the big companies – there’s no one around to help them!

That’s why we’re so excited about this opportunity.

If you’re interested in helping local businesses boost their sales with an online presence, you might want to follow some of Nick’s tips. He’s put together a program that shows you how to make a very nice “Barefoot Living” helping small businesses in your hometown get online – everything from how to find prospective clients … to how to get their websites up and running … to what to charge.

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