Lynelle SuanCongratulations to Lynelle Suan for Winning the September 2021 Barefoot Writing Challenge! (Your $100 prize is on its way!)

The challenge was to write an essay that answered this prompt:

How has Barefoot Writer helped you in your writing career?

Lynelle shared an upbeat story about her transition to life as a Barefoot Writer:

The Barefoot Writer “College” Club?

 By Lynelle Suan


“This is it, Lynelle… Your very last chance to join our Barefoot Writer Club.”

It was early Friday morning when that salient email preview caught my eye…

So, without much thinking, I immediately opened it to see what it was all about.

It was my first time hearing about the Barefoot Writer Club, but I already had an idea of what AWAI is.

Little did I know that one click — which led to several more clicks — would be like a golden key that opened a huge gleaming door of new opportunities for me. Because around five minutes after clicking that email, I became a part of the Barefoot Writer Club!

At that point, three months had already passed since I’d put my college education on hold… because I’d decided to focus my time and energy on my copywriting career. I probably wouldn’t have done that if my university had offered a major in copywriting.

Unfortunately, they don’t.

I already had some experience with copywriting before joining the club, but stepping inside the community of AWAI was literally like getting myself into a secret elite college club that was especially founded for copywriters. Wow! 

I was thrilled about how I found a myriad of relevant resources and support that has the power to propel my success in my writing career.

The best part? My fellow club members come from all walks and stages of life, and we all share the desire to progressively realize our own version of the writer’s life. 

It truly is the place where countless writing dreams come true.

In this community, I also found a mentor who’s more than a hundred steps ahead of me, yet who’s willing to guide me along my journey so that I can arrive to my destination more efficiently.

As I’m writing this, it has only been around two months since I joined the Barefoot Writer Club… but it has already given tremendous value to me. 

And did I mention? I landed my biggest gig so far with a client who paid me $1,500 in full within my first month of joining.

And right now, we’re talking about a retainer deal. That’s a huge win for me, and I’m certain that there are more (and even bigger) wins to come very soon.

I’m just getting started, and being in this club is giving me a leverage that I can use to hone my skills and grow my business more effectively. 

Because on my own, I bet it would take me decades to arrive at my destination. 

But with a fleet of fellow fearless writers by my side — where we ride the waves together and keep each other accountable — I get the benefit of learning from their experience, asking for guidance, and having fun with all of them.

And just as success leaves clues, every successful Barefoot Writer leaves footprints.

So… who needs a college degree when you can follow the footprints of success?