Celine Grace: November 2011 Writing Challenge Winner


What Barefoot Writing opportunity will you pursue and why?

I will pursue resume writing! Why? Because the program was half-price last summer! Okay, that is a bit simplistic. I want out of my 8-to-5 low-paid job. And by low-paid, I mean less than $20K net a year for a full-time union job with benefits.

I bought the Accelerated Program for Six-Figure Copywriting about eight years ago. I did not complete it. Something about the exercises just wasn’t appealing. They seemed very men in suits, country club, old-fashioned somehow. The show hadn’t been born yet — but, Mad Men! Not me! Anyway, I did have a job. Made it easy to let things slide …

A few years later brought the online Accelerated Program. I bought it as financial pressures and my lack of time and independence were (are!) getting to me. I still haven’t completed it, for a number of different reasons — it is much more appealing now. I began to check out the AWAI website more often.

In the 2010 Summer of Money, I purchased the Resume program. Why? I mean, why, besides the fact that it was inexpensive? I work with students every day. The best part of my job is watching them develop from shy teens to confident adults and accomplished scientists with anything from a B.S. to a PhD. Who knows what discoveries they might make, or how they might change the world? And I could be a small part of that? Sending them out into the world with a resume that could lead to a cure for cancer? What could be more rewarding?

I have joined a national association for resume writers with incredible support and encouragement. I have a website I am working on steadily (if slowly). There are so many useful articles from AWAI and Wealthy Web Writer helping me to identify the ways in which I get in my own way. But still I worry and fret about being a small business owner. Can I really make it on my own? Will it be drudgery and penury? And yippee! This month’s Barefoot Writer poll says that only13.6% chose resume writing! What does everybody else know that I don’t? Have I once again proven that I’m not one of the cool kids?

Which all brings me back to the Barefoot Writer lifestyle. Resume writing is included as one of the ways to a life of sunshine, beaches, palm trees, peace, freedom, and independence! So yes, I am on the right road! I have since purchased the Money-Making Websites program and hope within a year or two to be living the Barefoot Writer lifestyle. Here in my northern home with 200 inches of snow each winter, I’ll be able to stay home in my toasty-warm fuzzy slippers and dream of being once again, like long ago, barefooted in the warm sand on a tropical beach with the palm fronds clacking overhead in a frangipani- scented breeze.


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