Krithika Rangarajan: January 2015 Barefoot Writing Challenge Winner


Congratulations to Krithika Rangarajan for Winning the January 2015 Barefoot Writing Challenge! (Your $100 prize is on its way!)

The Challenge was to write an essay that answered this question:

Instead of a New Year’s Resolution, pick one word you’d like to guide your actions in 2015. Then write an essay on why you picked that word, and how it will help move your writing career forward.

Enjoy Krithika’s vivid description of her journey toward courage and her lifelong love of writing…

Dial C for Courage

By Krithika Rangarajan (Kit)

I haven’t called my best friend in over five years. Why? Because I have a phobia of telephonic conversations.

I haven’t driven on my own to new towns. Why? Because I am scared of getting lost in strange places.

I ignored my desire to become a full-time writer for 30 years. Why? Because I was afraid to stomp out societal conventions.

These are just a few examples of the fears and self-limiting beliefs that have prevented me from experiencing life to the fullest.

But not anymore.

If I wish to weave a fulfilling future of my choice, it’s imperative that I begin cutting these condescending cords.  

To this end, my guiding word for 2015 is courage.

I wish to challenge my restrictive thoughts, stretch my comfort zone, and establish habits of excellence — all of which requires oodles of mettle. A dauntless mindset is especially vital in order to resist long-instilled beliefs about the absurdity of becoming a full-time writer.

Growing up in India, I heard variations of the following:

“Writing is not a career. It is a hobby.”

This ‘advice’ was well-intentioned, because writing is not a financially rewarding or socially respected profession in my native country, and every parent wants their child to experience the best of (and in) life.

If you were ‘smart enough’ to achieve good grades, you were ‘supposed’ to become an engineer, doctor, or (maybe) an architect. The remaining careers were reserved for those ‘poor losers’ who weren’t good at cramming and scoring big on tests.

Hence, although I spent my entire childhood with my nose buried in open books, I never whetted my passion for words. Instead of challenging such narrow-mindedness, I was content with conforming to social stereotypes.

Thankfully, my calling found a way to reunite with me.  

When an eating disorder curtailed my previous profession, I was presented with a wonderful opportunity to weave the life of MY dreams by doing what I LOVE: writing.

In February 2014, I finally acquired the moxie to declare myself a writer.

Since then, I have written almost every day. I enjoy helping my online acquaintances with their blogging requests, participating in blogging challenges, and interacting with like-minded professionals who ‘get’ my compulsion to put pen to paper.

As a freelance writer, I want to expand my knowledge, enhance my skills, and empower my audience to fashion their desired lifestyle. In addition, I want to interact with the delightful diversity of life by traveling to unique places and sharing my adventures with fellow wander lusters.   

My ambitions cannot, however, be accomplished without a courageous attitude. It’s time for me to become a more powerful writer by daring my fears to a duel of wits and wills!

And, this time, I plan to win!



    • Trudy Woodw orth on

      Include me with the many your essay inspired. I am moving from loving the idea of writing to being a ‘doer of the word’. Thank you!

  1. Congratulations to my most deserving friend, Krithika Rangarajan. Take the time NOW to learn how to spell her name because you’ll be looking for it in bookstores before long!

    Kit is a true talent, and I’m privileged to know her at the cusp of her wildly successful writing career!

  2. Marie Banville on

    Loved your story, Krithika! You have inspired me to choose a guiding word for the coming year. Mine is FOCUS! Best wishes for your success and happiness.


  3. Congratulations Kit for winning the battle and your prize winning essay! I had a lot to overcome because of some not so positive influences in my childhood as well. But the good news is that I too am on my way having started in Sept 2014.

  4. Cynthia Moneris- Gillman on

    Krithika all I can say in all honesty, is that I was left for a loss of word’s ! That something special that you effortlessly released in your writing takes a lot of Courage and Wisdom and was most abundantly apparent in a beautiful way in your writing! And the word Courage for you was the Perfect Word! I already know and believe in you, that you will be an overcomer , an achiever of anything you set your heart’s desire on. I can sense it in your word’s and the way you say them with a beautiful and empowering meaning! You have so very much to offer the world and the people in it! Stay with the promise of Courage you made to yourself in 2015 and you will go very far in life, success, happiness, and in a multitude of other way’s also. I am especially happy that you won the Jan.2015 Barefoot Writing Challenge. You truly deserved it and earned it in a most elegant manner and honorable way! Keep up the good work, always be true to yourself and keep on believing in yourself, because you have what it takes, you are a special and unique individual. Closing with this final analysis and thought. Your writing was honest and truthful, something you don’t see much these day’s which makes it even more special, interesting and beautiful! It left a lasting impression on me! I will leave this being said, your writing in The Barefoot Challenge was a mystical and wonderfully honest insight to the unique individual that you truly are! You have a lot to offer the world and yourself. You should be very proud and the aura extended outward from your writing will hopefully encourage other’s to be honest to themselves and the world. It takes Courage,Honesty,Wisdom,Intelligence and a Mystical Mix of Imagination and Creativity to Captivate readers to a person’s writing! I have faith in you and see a very bright future ahead of you! Good luck in everything you aspire to do.I personally feel your writing was very inspiring and fascinating ,mixed with truth and honesty, that’s the beginning of setting oneself free! In one word!* Beautiful!*

    • Jon Richardson on

      A well worded reply to Krithika, Cynthia. I’m sure that she’ll appreciate your kind words. Now, tighten your sentences.

      (From a former high school English teacher)

    • Awwww….thank you, sweet Cynthia! #HUGSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS Your spontaneous warm wishes have inspired me to keep moving in my quest to become a better writer every day <3

      MUCH love

      PS: Happy 2016!

    • Any interest in me writing about health and nutrition? I am a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator. I can no longer work when from home due to my MS. Is the program worth going through?


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