Careers in Writing: Do You Want to Write a Novel? Here’s How to Get Started Writing Your Novel Today, and Realize Your Dream of Becoming a Published Author

Follow your dream of writing your novel while you pursue careers in writing as a Barefoot Writer.Just about every writer dreams of becoming a published author. After all, writing a book is the ultimate expression of your creativity. Not to mention a way to gain respect and admiration from friends, loved ones… and the many thousands (hopefully millions!) of readers.

As an added bonus to freelancers, a published book is a great way to build credibility with your freelance writing clients!

So whether you want to write a novel that’s linked to a dream or one that’s part of a greater business plan, you’re in an ideal position. With copywriting experience from freelance jobs online, you have the skills it takes to successfully market your novel. The only challenge left is that you just need to get it written!

That’s where we can help. Right now, with this extraordinary, made-easy-for-you 12-week blueprint, you can finally cut through the clutter and get your novel done!

With practical, hands-on guidance from award-winning author Donna Baier Stein, you’ll learn exactly what it takes to FINALLY complete your novel. Throughout this fast-paced, entertaining program, Donna will walk you through:

  • The best writing tools needed to quickly go from starting your first novel, to writing it, to the final draft.
  • Easy-to-use techniques to help you become a more productive writer
  • Real-world advice on how to work writing into your schedule, no matter how busy you are
  • Ways to beat writer’s block and let your creative juices flow
  • Tips on making your characters believable
  • Techniques to keep your story moving forward
  • What you really need to focus on when reviewing or revising a scene (and what you can ignore)
  • The surprising good news about self-publishing… and the bad news that goes along with it
  • What you need to understand about the publishing world, so you’ll navigate it like a pro
  • The best practices to publish and market your book (and how freelance writing clients can help you practice and pay for these tricks!)

Write Your First Novel Now! is packed with additional helpful resources and links beyond all that, like how to move past perfectionism and self-criticism, how to find the best writing style for your creative purpose, and tips to breeze through revisions and on to publication.

Learn Donna’s trade secrets help get your first novel out of your head and onto paper, and get ready to call yourself a published author!

It’s time to Write Your First Novel Now!



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