Travel Writing: Travel the World While You Become a Freelance Writer

Is it your dream to travel while you make money freelance writing? It may seem like a fantasy, yet for thousands of travel writers, this dream is a reality.

Travel writers make money freelance writing while they get paid to explore the world.That’s because they’ve learned how to harness their love of travel, and they know how to find clients who will pay them for writing articles about their adventures.

This is something you can do, too. You can enjoy great travel perks and get paid to write. Do it occasionally, with just a few trips a year… or spend all year circling the globe!

Imagine sliding out of bed knowing your “work” for the day would be to scuba dive along the Great Barrier Reef or shop for the perfect cup of coffee in Paris. If you ever dreamed about the romantic life of a travel writer, one of the most desired copywriting jobs out there, here’s a very unusual opportunity to actually live it!

This dream can come true after you take AWAI’s The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program. In this program, you’ll learn:

  • Where to find the best story ideas… and the publications that will pay you for them
  • How to come away from every trip with three or more “bonus” articles
  • Tips for landing repeat assignments by learning what to do… and what not to do… when approaching an editor who offers travel-based copywriting jobs
  • The little-known techniques travel writers use to land concert tickets… meals… vacations… and more… without paying a dime
  • How you can get started as a travel writer, even without leaving the comfort of your own home (you’ll be shocked by how many travel writing projects you can find “in your own backyard” — really!)
  • Earn extra income while you travel the world… meet new people… and enjoy the exhilarating freedom and independence of a writer’s life

If you’ve ever dreamed about the romantic life of a travel writer… of how easy it can be to become a freelance writer… and of even getting to make money freelance writing… and getting paid to explore the world…cop here’s your chance to actually live it. With The Ultimate Travel Writer’s Program, you’ll get quick and easy access to convenient, downloadable chapters, audio clips and extra bonus tips to help you get paid to travel and make money even faster.

Let Barefoot Writer help you live your dream to make money as a freelance writer with travel-related copywriting jobs! Learn more about becoming a travel writer today.



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