Here’s a cool tool that’s also a great time saver: Feedly (

This simple RSS news aggregator grabs feeds from various online sources and compiles them in easy-to-digest lists. This means Feedly makes it a snap to stay on top of information in your niche without getting overwhelmed.

The minimalist design interface offers a tailored user-experience so you can consume content efficiently. Options include setting up a title view with simple text, a grid for pictures and video, or entire content summaries. You can also customize the font and colors of articles you’ve read or have yet to read.

The extensive personalization options also let you set up multiple feed folders based on your preferred topics. So, let’s say you write for boating companies as well as for the organic produce niche. Set up two different folders with quick access to key bloggers from each community, and then add other folders to follow trends in writing or keep up with hobbies you enjoy. All content can be accessed through your mobile device, notebook, or computer.

Roughly 40 million websites connect their content to Feedly, and more than 2,000 new articles are uploaded to the reader each second. Articles can be bookmarked or tagged. If you upgrade to a Feedly Pro account for a small monthly fee, you can send those articles directly to Evernote, OneNote, LinkedIn, and Hootsuite, among other options.

In short, it’s a terrific way to stay on top of news and information — especially when your time is limited.