Keep All Your Research, Online Resources, and More at Your Fingertips

The beauty of being a Barefoot Writer is that you can do it anywhere. In your office, at a coffee shop, poolside, or even while you’re traveling.

The problem is, how do you keep everything together… your research, swipe file, brilliant ideas you think of while you’re in the car, client notes, and that important website link a friend shared with you on Facebook?

Especially if you’re juggling multiple sources for accessing the internet – like your laptop, desktop computer, or smartphone?

There’s a great tool for making your freelance life easier:

Evernote Review: Your on-the-go office

Let’s say you’re a copywriter specializing in alternative health.

You’re in your home office working on a promotion for a natural cure for hair loss. You spend the morning doing extensive online research on your Windows PC, looking at dozens of websites, taking notes, and starting to formulate your Big Idea.

Among many features, Evernote allows you to save pertinent web pages and add your own notes.

Later, you’re on your way to interview a local naturopathic doctor who’s actually treated men with this cure. You want to be prepared when you get to his office, so you review your notes (the ones you just took on your PC at home) on your iPhone in the parking lot before you go in to meet the doc.

He’s impressed that you’ve done your homework, and you ask if you can get his opinion on some research you found online. But instead of transferring all your work to your laptop and lugging that along, you walk over to his Mac.

You go to your account at, and voilà! All your research and notes pop up on the doctor’s Mac, exactly the way you inputted them at home two hours earlier.

The doctor pulls up some video testimonials from clients that he’s saved on his computer, and you instantly include those in your Evernote project file. You ask a few more questions, add a quick note online, and you’re on your way.

On the way home, you decide to stop at the state park and take advantage of the beautiful day. You throw on your backpack and set out on your favorite hiking trail. As always, inspiration hits when you least expect it. You pull your iPad out of your backpack, jot down your Big Idea before the moment is lost, and keep going.

Finally, you’re back at your PC at the end of the day. Your promotion has practically written itself throughout the day, even though you weren’t even in your office very long. All your research, notes, file sharing, and syncing between sources that went on all day is still in one place. A couple of more hours tying things together, and you have your first draft ready to submit.

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