Q: How will I know when I’m ready to look for paying clients?

Rebecca MatterA: (Rebecca Matter) If there’s one thing I’ve learned after over a decade of working with writers, it’s that you’ll never feel like you know enough about writing — but that’s okay! 

There will ALWAYS be more to learn and read (and write) about. Your learning will never stop. 

That being said, if you’re taking any of AWAI’s programs, know that you’re ready to land clients the minute you finish. Sure, you’ll get better and better as you gain more experience… But I promise you’re “good enough.” We actually require our experts to give you all the training you need to do the job — and do it well — right out of the gate. 

So, set a goal: “By the time I finish <insert program name>, I will put myself out there and start landing clients!” 

And remember, as a Barefoot Writer Club member, you have access to tons of resources on how to land clients, as well as support from an incredible community of writers who are currently in — or were once in — your shoes. 

Then be sure to keep us posted when you land that first client. We’d love to celebrate with you!