Q:  I have a question for working B2B writers that can benefit those just starting out as well. When you have to turn down work, what do you do? Do you refer it out? Do you subcontract? Because of time constraints or lack of availability, I sometimes have to pass on work. I personally try to send that work to other B2B copywriters I know, or to AWAI-affiliated writers, both new and experienced.

Rebecca MatterA:  (Rebecca Matter) When you have to turn down work, I recommend you just pass on the project.

If you want to subcontract, the project really needs to be for $1,000 or more. Any less than that, and you can find yourself being a low-paid project manager/editor. There needs to be enough meat on the bone to make subcontracting worth your time if you’d rather be writing a lot. 

My first instinct is to check with the client to see if there’s any wiggle room on the deadlines. It’s surprising how often there is. Stating something like, “I’m not available right now but I will be as of [insert date], and then I’d be happy to work with you on this” can work wonders.