If you’ve ever wondered how to create social media content that generates business, you’re not alone. In fact, it’s one of business owners’ most frequently asked questions.

It’s not surprising.

According to Social Media Today, the average person spends 116 minutes daily on social media. That’s a lot of opportunity for you to harness its massive power of connection.

Yet, here’s the thing…

It’s not effective to simply say, “Hire me!” Social media may be a far-reaching broadcast medium, but it pays to think creatively and tap into human psychology with your posts. That way, people will both look forward to your posts and be moved to respond.

How to Create Engaging Social Media Content for Your Business

Writing for social media requires tapping into a different part of your brain. Fortunately, it’s a learned skill, just like writing blog posts, white papers, and effective emails.

In fact, once you get the hang of it, you’ll find yourself naturally writing intriguing headlines, finding eye-catching images, and incorporating a call to action.

There are several types of posts that will connect with your audience. Try mixing these three with your regular schedule and see your engagement soar.

1. The Curiosity Gap

There’s a reason the “One Weird Trick” headline has worked so well. It opens the door: We want to know what “one weird trick” can help us lose 10 pounds without giving up our favorite foods or help us save thousands on our next vacation.

Fortunately, you don’t need to sound like BuzzFeed to “get the click,” but you do need to pique curiosity. If you want people to click through to your recent blog post, then create a headline that announces a big benefit and promises the answer in the post.

For example, “The simple way B2B marketers use email to raise profits by 32%. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is.” Include the link and an interesting image, and you’ll attract more visitors to your site.

Humans are naturally curious. Why not use your persuasive writing skills to tap into that curiosity?

2. Behind the Scenes

Have you ever watched an interview with the director of a Hollywood production? What about shows examining how they created certain special effects?

These peeks into the inner workings of Hollywood help you understand the creative process of making TV or film. You can provide such peeks, too.

But what if your business mostly consists of you sitting at your laptop? Not a problem. Snap photos of you at your laptop, and show your office, your furry office helpers (pets), selfies with colleagues, and anything else that helps people get acquainted with you. It’s all fodder to let your prospective clients get to know your human side.

As author, speaker, and sales trainer Jeffrey Gitomer says, “All things being equal, people want to do business with their friends. And all things being not so equal, people still want to do business with their friends.”

You don’t have to be friends, but social media does make people feel like they know you. Harness its power.

3. Edutainment Posts

Just like it sounds, this is a mix of educational and entertainment posts. Think of it as teaching with a twist of entertainment. The web is rife with good examples, such as Bill Nye the Science Guy and Copyblogger.

You can do this, too. If you like sharing educational tips in your social media feeds, how can you spice them up a little? Maybe add a little humor or a fresh insight? Use your copywriter’s brain to add a spark of interest.


One key to successfully creating social media content that can attract new business is to think about how (and what) you post, and then mix it up.

People check their social media feeds for entertainment. If you can be the service provider who stands out with a solidly informative (and engaging) feed, you’ll be the winner, because these are ways to softly promote yourself and your services.

The other key is to recognize social media for what it is: an amazing set of tools that can introduce you to people around the world.

Now that you have insight into creating these three types of social media posts, why not mix them into your schedule this week? Do this consistently and you’re bound to attract more clients and prospects.