Q:  I am brand-new to copywriting and have decided to focus on B2B. How do I market myself if I don’t yet have any samples or clips?

Should I wait for samples before putting up my website or LinkedIn page?

And on LinkedIn, do I include my past work history, even if it has nothing to do with copywriting? I don’t want to leave it blank.

Katie YeakleA:  (Katie Yeakle) If you don’t have samples, yet, the key is to have a well-written B2B website that demonstrates your professionalism and writing ability.

You can go to the AWAI Article Archives to access tons of advice on how to write a strong website. Or see our article on how to build a website for freelance writers. But the short answer is, don’t wait, get started!

Just write about your history in a way that’s relevant to your new B2B business. Highlight any writing projects you did within your previous job. And even if you didn’t write, you can highlight ways you connected people with the right solutions — or anything else that’s relevant!

You can also check out our articles on how to get hired without published writing samples, and an easy way to get samples as a new writer.