Any kind will do. Because most Barefoot Writers are freelancers, they communicate with clients using whatever email address they please.

If you already own a domain name or have a professional website up, you can create an email address that shares that domain. For example, say you own Then your email address would be

As to how you set that up, we recommend going to your web hosting service company for guidance.

But if you don’t have a domain, or a professional website, or a domain-based email address, that’s perfectly fine! After all, most Barefoot Writers are just getting started in the world of professional writing. We don’t expect you to have any of that.

And to be honest, plenty of writers rely on their LinkedIn profiles to represent them online, and they use whatever email name they get from their email service (like [your_name] or [your_name]

Just one recommendation there: Make sure that whatever email address you use presents you in a positive light. So if your email address is something like or… it’s a good idea to change it before you start looking for paid writing work.

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