If you don’t have a hobby as a writer, you might want to get one fast.

Research reveals that having a hobby that’s different to your primary profession is highly beneficial, including making you a more creative writer. But that’s just one way having a hobby helps.

There are many reasons you’ll want to take up a hobby as a writer. The top five are listed below.

You might also be surprised to know that many successful business leaders, celebrities, and writers say they make time for unique hobbies.

Susan Sarandon plays ping-pong, and is even part owner of a ping-pong social club. Warren Buffet plays the ukulele. Bob Barker practiced karate into his 70s. And Richard Branson goes kite surfing any chance he gets.

As for writers, American-Russian author Ayn Rand was an avid stamp collector, famous poet Emily Dickinson loved baking, and bestselling Japanese author Haruki Murakami is into running and jazz.

You could take inspiration from any of these examples. But you probably already have some hobbies of your own…

So the challenge is how to fit these hobbies into your regular schedule — no matter how busy your writer’s life gets.

The Top 5 Reasons You Should Make Time for Hobbies

Reason #1: You’ll Become a More Creative Writer

You might already be creative. But there’s no such thing as being too creative, so it’s a good idea to keep training your “creativity muscles.”

It’s when you’re engaged in something different that you may come up with a great idea for a new article pitch, an improved approach to getting clients, or a better outline for a current writing project.

Exposure to diverse activities may be just what you need to trigger a moment of brilliance.

Reason #2: You’ll Enjoy Improved Decision Making

Freelancers make a boatload of decisions, from which clients to work with to which niche to write in to what headlines to use.

By stepping away from your writing craft and into something else, you give your mind a rest from the type of decisions needed so that when you return, you’ve got a fresh perspective from which to make your best business choices.

Reason #3: It Helps You with Time Management

Ever have those days when you try to finish a writing assignment in the morning, but you’re still writing into the wee hours of the night?

When you’re not operating on a schedule with other commitments, you might work more hours than you’d hoped. Working long hours is not why you became a Barefoot Writer, right?

So the more time you structure between writing work and hobbies, the better you’ll be able to squeeze those writing deadlines into your ideal time frame.

Reason #4: You’ll Cope Better with Stress

Let’s face it, not every day as a freelance writer is sunshine and roses. You might have an angry client, or some payments may be delayed. Or you could have a strong dose of writer’s block.

For times like these, the best option is to step away and shift your attention to a hobby. Get some fresh air, ease your tensions, and lose yourself in a different kind of activity to relieve your emotions.

This time away could also help you problem-solve for any challenge you’re facing.

Reason #5: It Helps You Relate to People

Your leisure time can expose you to a more dynamic view of people, settings, or scenarios. By simply trying activities that take you away from your computer and the world of words, you can better understand the needs and styles of non-writers.

Having this perspective is gold when it comes to writing to specific target audiences. If you get into racquetball, making homemade soaps, or raising tropical fish, you can write for audiences with the same interests, making your copy even stronger. You name the activity, you can write about it.

You can also use your hobbies to butter up your clients. A fellow writer of mine likes to send homemade cookies to her favorite clients. I’ve been known to make homemade cards.

Let It Flow

Most hobbies have bonus benefits. Tennis keeps you fit and energized. Solving puzzles keeps your mind sharp. If you knit, you can make lots of blankets and sweaters, and if you raise bees, you’ll have your very own honey.

All wonderful perks to help you shape your ideal lifestyle as a writer.

So the next time you feel like you’re just too busy and need to spend every day, day after day, with your writing, remember why it’s helpful to balance your time with another activity — and how it can help you be a more creative writer!