Nikola TeslaThese days, we live in a message-filled world that dominates everything we do.

And that’s why it’s more important than ever for writers to learn how to make their copy stand out above the noise.

With this in mind, I’m hacking one of the most innovative minds of the 19th century: Nikola Tesla.

This Serbian physicist and inventor changed the course of history through his contributions to the development of electricity in the area of magnetic fields.

Sadly, he died a pauper in a small New York City hotel room — though it is widely agreed that he was a genius.

And though we celebrate Nikola Tesla’s inventions, little is said about his unique approach to life, which could very well help you improve your writing, make better use of your time, and build your writing dream faster.

That’s why I’m sharing these five tips for writers learned from Mr. Tesla:

Tip 1: Fight for Your Creation

Between facing off with a scheming millionaire and his rivalry with a fellow scientist, at one point it appeared unlikely that Tesla’s inventions would see the light of day.

But Tesla was born to create. And create he did. He’d always known what he wanted to do with his life. Nothing could stop him from doing it.

What this means to you as a writer: As a creative type, you are blessed with an abundance of ideas. The challenge arises when it’s time to put them together coherently.

Be deliberate in what you want to produce and how to produce it. Always give your creation a chance to survive and bloom, no matter who stands in your way.

Tip 2: Don’t Be Afraid of Opposition

This is true in life as well as in writing. It’s how you deal with opposition that shows your mettle.

Tesla’s desire to make human lives better and easier drove him. He saw opposition as a building block.

What this means to you as a writer: You’re a creator. You can choose to let any opposition hold you back, or you can allow it to fuel your desire to succeed.

Tip 3: Believe in Your Ability to Create Over and Over Again

Tesla never doubted he could create what he envisioned. Modesty wasn’t among his stronger traits.

He failed. A lot. But he also learned from those failures. No one has ever gotten to where they are without failure. And if you created something once, you can create something again.

What this means to you as a writer: Your writing skills won’t improve by magic. Learn tips from other writers who regularly share their journey.

Make time for honest reflection and analysis. Overcome your fears and believe in yourself.

Tip 4: Immerse Yourself Thoroughly in Your Craft

Tesla made a point of becoming wholeheartedly engrossed in the world of electricity. He read scores of books, took lots of notes, and conducted countless experiments.

If you want to be seen as an expert in a particular field, get strategic about how you’ll accomplish it.

What this means to you as a writer: Your craft is what you’ve been called to do. Learn everything you can about it; as a writer you should always be learning.

Adopt the custom of reading different genres and varying types of copy regularly. Do it often enough, and you’ll develop the habit of making associations between things.

The best writing comes from what you already know. When you can spot the smallest details of everyday life and make associations with them in your copy, you’re well on your way.

Tip 5: Stay Curious

Curiosity doesn’t always kill the cat! Remember when you were a child and excitement sprang through your body at the thought of doing an unknown thing? Relearn that same habit of being curious as an adult.

Tesla lived for experiments. He didn’t fear stepping out into the unknown to get answers to the many questions he encountered. His curiosity was ongoing.

What this means to you as a writer: Be inquisitive. Ask yourself: Is there another way? Why did this work and not that? In a manner of speaking, act like a scientist and conduct your own experiments.

If you explore your world with an air of curiosity, you’ll see life in a different way.

Applying These Tips to Your Writing Career

Remember: Becoming a better writer involves learning from people you admire and being inspired by them (like Nikola Tesla).

As you progress in your writing career, learning the simple tips for writers above can help you grow on your journey, improve your writing, and enjoy the process of creating your ideal version of the writer’s life.