Why Good Luck Charms Really Do Improve Your Chance of Writing Success!


Shamrocks have been used as good-luck symbols for centuries, with four-leaf clovers believed to be especially lucky. As the old Irish rhyme says, “One leaf is for fame, one leaf is for wealth. One is for a faithful lover, and one to bring you health.”

Plenty of writers also have superstitious quirks. Barefoot Writer Katherine Wilson’s good luck charm is a replica of an ancient coin with Alexander the Great’s image carved on it. Robbin Crandall uses a little replica of the red British phone booth. And Christina Allsop’s good luck charm is a photo of her three girls that she keeps on her desk.

And as it turns out, these writers are on to something. Superstition actually increases your confidence — it’s been proven! Social psychologists at Germany’s University of Cologne did a study on people who played memory games while in possession of their personal good luck charms. The results showed those who had good luck charms did a lot better at the game than those without.

Lysann Damisch, one of the study’s co-authors said, “If you have your lucky charm close by, you feel more confident and secure about the following task, which makes you try harder and perform better.”

According to Damisch, you don’t necessarily need an object to prompt luck. The study also showed that following a lucky ritual or simply being told, “Good luck” can improve confidence, leading you to aim higher and try longer. Ultimately, this means achieve greater success.

It’s not just writers. Plenty of athletes have “lucky shoes” or a “lucky ball.” (Michael Jordan had a pair of lucky gym shorts!) Gamblers are also big on lucky charms — everything from carrying an alligator tooth to always betting on “lucky number 7.”

The bottom line is this: Identify a charm to bring you writing success and your subconscious mind will work toward that goal, bringing real opportunities to your attention. Your belief in the charm is what gives it it’s power. Use it to steer you toward your goals and create the life you deserve.

Here are your take-home lessons:

  1. If you have an object that’s meaningful to you and relates to your writing goals, don’t hesitate to keep it near you while you write.
  2. Create your own writing ritual to boost focus, and use it every day.
  3. The real power of good luck charms takes place when you understand your own focus, attitudes, and expectations.

Don’t have a good luck charm to help you become a better writer? Here’s how to find your own writing good luck charm.



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